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Goodbye 2-9

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By Lucas Alexander

Nestled in Los Angeles' historic West Adams area is the beautiful Davis house. The 2-9 Café was fortunate enough to call this magnificent Victorian house, home.

The intrigue with the 2-9 Café begins with its past. Before the 2-9 arrived less than ten years ago, the Davis house was a sort of revolving door for a variety of impressive businesses. Beginning with the original Wahoo's Fish Tacos, which began its career in this very home. It has also served as a governor's mansion, a sushi place, as well as a coffee shop, where socialites would gather to read and discuss poetry.

And the change stays constant. It is no longer the 2-9 Café, but now TK Burgers. The 2-9 has been serving the greater USC community for nearly ten years now, and although their prestige has faded a bit, manager Kendall Moore hopes that bringing in TK Burgers will help to revamp the café's business.

"We really are trying to get this place poppin' and get it back to its former glory. Five or six years ago this was the place to be, and we want to bring it back."

Part of the draw to the 2-9 Café was their Trojan pride. It was clear that the 2-9 bled cardinal and gold, starting with its SC colored awnings. Upon entering the café, it is inevitable to ask the question, "Did I just walk into Heritage Hall?" From floorboard to ceiling, the walls are littered with Trojan memorabilia. From signed pictures of Pete Carroll, to autographed Trojan swim caps and water polo balls; it is impossible for students not to feel at home in a place like this.

"It is also one of the only real sit down restaurants in the area that is close to everyone and truly caters to the USC students." It was a home away from home for students; who enjoyed a kind staff, a quality meal, and fun times with fellow students.

Simply looking down Figueroa Street, it is obvious that the USC community has its fair share of chain restaurants. Trading in a family-owned café for one more burger chain may seem redundant in the eyes of many, especially as the area welcomes Five Guys with their Grand Opening just a few days ago.

TK Burgers officially owns the café now, and has already started infiltrating their menu with a few new items. While some minute changes have already been made, the major ones are still yet to be implemented.

TK Burgers has been operating for nearly 25 years and has eight locations in the LA and Orange County areas. According to their website, they boast an authentic "backyard barbeque" atmosphere. "If you're looking for quick, quality service in a relaxed, non-corporate atmosphere, then try TK's," they claim.

Because of TK's laid-back, beach style; the Trojan pride that rose the 2-9 Café to its glory, may be forfeited in this change of ownership.

When asked what she expects to see changed a year from now; Moore replied, "We hope it is completely full."

The slow pace of business urged the former owners to sell the 2-9, and new owners, TK Burgers, have one goal in mind; and that is to boost business. Whether that is at the cost of Trojan pride and memorabilia, well that is yet to be seen.