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Vernon Metro: Pushing For Small Businesses & Transportation

Photo Credit: Elisa Hernandez With the metro blue line crossing through the heart of Vernon, this new and faster way of transportation will allow people to travel in places all over LA, and hopefully bring new customers and businesses to the Vernon community. See full story below...
Photo Credit: Elisa Hernandez | Click here to see community reaction of how the Metro in Vernon has helped the residents for a variety of different reasons.

View Blue Line Route in a larger map
See the different stops on Google Maps|that the Metro makes as it passes through Vernon, and goes as far as Long Beach, CA.
Photo Credit:| Click Here to follow up on the new exciting changes for not only Vernon residents, but USC Students too.
Photo Credit: Elisa Hernandez| Click here to view more photos of the Vernon Metro train station.

Vernon Metro: Pushing for Small Businesses & Transportation
By: Elisa Hernandez
J309 Reporter

When driving down South Central Avenue toward East Vernon Avenue in Los Angeles Calif. two things stand out, redevelopment projects/construction and small/big businesses. The city of Vernon in Los Angeles has more than 1,000 companies and 50,000 workers.

This 5.2 square mile city is looking to not only rebrand itself, but use their resources to help small businesses as well. The Metro Trains expansion through different parts of Los Angeles, Calif. is doing more for the surrounding communities, than just providing convenient transportation. Vernon small businesses are seeing an improvement in not only foot traffic, but in their sales.

“When people think of Vernon it’s not a place you want to come and spend your Sundays, but with the Metro there you have no choice but to pass through,” says Chris Hamilton, a L.A. native. “Now I know that sounds mean, but I use the Blue Line every week for work, and without it here I would never have taken notice at the small food shops and stores.

Although Vernon houses many big corporation names like the True Religion corporate offices. Small businesses and self-employed residents are l looking to benefit from the foot traffic coming from the Metro Line.

“Sometimes people don’t want to walk to the liquor store or don’t have enough money for a local restaurant so that’s where I come in,” says Gabriel Santos, a local fruit vendor. “I normally am on Central, but I stop by here every now and then. I figure with the station right here it would be better business, and it has been for the most part.”

The Vernon station not only benefits the community, but students as well. Vernon is full of different parks and schools, and with the expansion of the Metro Line it will allow people to travel outside of their little city; some for the first time.

Metro’s expansion is going much farther than just Long Beach and Los Angeles. The expansion of the new Silver Line, which passes through exposition and USC, will lead as far as Santa Monica and Venice Beach. This redevelopment is creating a buzz for not only Vernon residents, but even USC students.

“This new line will help for almost all my future reporting classes and for social events too of course,” says Michelle Winston, a freshman looking to major in broadcast journalism. “I see some of my friends who don’t have cars struggle when they have to travel to different parts of L.A. for print or broadcast stories; this train whenever it’s done will only make that easier.”

The Silver Line's main construction will begin early 2012, and will have its full completion by 2015, according to Metro officials. The Silver Line similar to the Blue Line, It will run its service in 10-15 minute intervals, and is set to cut down a lot of L.A. Traffic on the I-10. This fast production line will connect people not only to other lines, but too places like L.A. Live, USC, Staples Center, the L.A. Coliseum, the Fashion District and more.

“I think this is good for the city of Vernon, L.A, Long Beach and everywhere in between, it’s a way to not be so secluded…this is a project that has been long overdue,” says Hamilton. “I’m just happy that I’m young enough to enjoy the benefits.”