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Different Fashion: Vernon and South Central


Vernon and South Central Los Angeles vary greatly when it comes to the fashion industry, and both offer different opportunities. Vernon, California has become known for its businesses, and is making its mark in the fashion industry. With a lot of industrial space, and a quick route to downtown, famous designer brands are setting up warehouses and corporate headquarters. South Central Los Angeles features more wholesale retailers, and mom and pop type shops. By offering clothes at affordable prices, and selling nationwide, these stores are able to make good profit in the area, and do not mind the location. Look below to see how the fashion worlds are different, and take a look at the retail companies showcased.


Vernon Photo Credit:| When thinking fashion, Vernon may not come to mind. However, it is becoming an instrumental location for designer fashion brands, who are setting up shop and calling it home. Click here to read more.

South Central Photo Credit: Layne Kaplan| South Central is the home to many mom and pop stores, without the emphasis of high end fashion that Vernon has. See how the retail and wholesale stores affect the community here.

Champagne Italy Photo Credit: Devin Altschul A wholesale clothing warehouse located in South Central Los Angeles, that sells to stores in the area, and around the world. Click here to learn more. Photo Credit: Devin Altschul| Another wholesale clothing warehouse located in South Central Los Angeles, and neighbor to Champagne Italy. Most know for ladies jeans, the company sells to buyers and retailers, for all demographics. Read more here.