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Four people, four stories: Kenya Curtis

Kenya Curtis
Kenya Curtis is a manager at Word of Life Christian Bookstore, a business that has been open for 50 years.

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Kenya Curtis works at Word of Life Christian Bookstore, a family business that has been open since 1961.

While growing up a few blocks away from the store located on Main Street, Curtis felt that the community looked after each other. Neighbors would baby-sit each others’ children and take them to school. Nowadays, this is not really the case.

“You had a lot more of the community to raise kids,” she said. “Nowadays it’s like everyone is for themselves.”

Her favorite memory of the area is at Bethune Middle School when she used to swim in the pool with her friends during the summer.

“I wish I could go back to those days,” she said.

When it opened, Word of Life was a small mom-and-pop store with room and about two customers a day. It has since expanded into two shops located on Brodway and Main.

“I think the store has given people a positive outlet to express themselves,” she said. “We definitely have more people coming in who are trying to change their lives.”