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Four people, four stories: Ramiro Delgado

Ramiro Delgado
Since coming to Los Angeles in 1979, Delgado has opened three businesses all located within one block on Avalon Boulevard.

By Ebony Bailey

After working in the same area for 30 years, Ramiro Delgado has observed many changes in the economy of South Central, mostly through the sporadic closing of businesses in the area.

He said that about 20 years ago, there were more than 300 employees working at various businesses in the 59th and Avalon area. Now, most of the employees are gone.

“Angelicos, the laundry service, had the most employees in the area,” he said. “Not it’s all gone; I don’t know why.”

At his owns business, Delgado Brothers picture frames, there were about 180 employees about a decade ago. Now, there are 20.

“We have had to start selling lumber in order to survive,” he said.

Delgado Brothers was founded in 1965 by two of Ramiro’s older brothers. Since its establishment, the business expanded and eventually acquired three buildings in the area. They have distributed picture frames all over the world, including the white house.

“We changed the way you make picture frames in the United States,” he said.

Where once, about a decade ago, Delgado brothers would distribute hundreds of thousands of photos across the world, now the businesses distributes “a few thousand.” He describes his business as thriving up until a few years ago.