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Dunbar Hotel: The Jazz Hub over the Years

Hotel Somerville| Above is a black & white photograph of the hotel during its years of glory (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Lady Sings the Blues | Billie Holiday was one of the noted jazz artists who performed at Hotel Somerville (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

View a slideshow of recent images of the Dunbar Hotel, Somerville I, Somerville II and the Central Avenue Jazz Park. (Photo credit: Jenny Chen)
Dunbar Village opening ceremony to be held on Monday
The former Hotel Somerville will be renovated as part of the Dunbar Village project, a joint venture by Coalition Responsible Community Development and Thomas Safran and Associates.
One renovation is not enough, residents complain
Several residents express discontent over the renovation of the Dunbar Hotel. Instead, they wish the government would clean up the streets and heighten police enforcement.
Where jazz music was once at its finest
At the height of the jazz era, the Dunbar Hotel was the place to be. Learn more about its history and its current state.

By Jenny Chen
USC Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism

12.07.2011 8:24 p.m.

One of the easiest ways to see the evolution of a building and a region is through pictures.

Featured above are a couple early pictures of the Dunbar Hotel. To the side is a slideshow of what it looks like in present day.

Below are two videos from the 2011 Central Avenue Jazz Festival, followed by two sketches of what Dunbar Village will look like after redevelopment ends in December 2012.




Club Alabam | RIGHT: The hotel in 2008 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)







Kamasi Washington | Los Angeles artist took to the stage at the 2011 Central Avenue Jazz Festival. (Credit: Jazzbackatyou via YouTube) Cleaned up streets| A sketch of the anticipated final outcome of the Dunbar Village redevelopment.
(Photo credit: Thomas Safran and Associates)

Superior | Various vendors set up camp along Central Avenue every year during the festival. (Credit: rlopez via YouTube)
Rejuvenating the jazz era | Proposed plans for the Dunbar Hotel show a renovated interior lobby suitable for jazz performances and vistors. (Photo credit: Thomas Safran and Associates)

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