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Bon Appetit wins 'CSD Sales Tracking Study'

Bon Appetit Headquarters | Via GoogleMaps
Cinnamon Rolls | Via Bon Appetit
Bon Appetit Products
Bon Appetit Bakery produces a variety of single-serve baked goods, ranging from muffins and donuts, to specialty Hispanic pasteries.

By Bronte Silverstein

Bon Appetit Bakery was voted the top fresh bakery supplier in the Convenience Store Decisions Sales Tracking Study, beating out bakery heavyweights Pillsbury and Sara Lee Foodservice.

Bon Appetit garnered 23% of the votes, from the 40 retailers that participated in the survey. Interstate Bakeries followed in second place with 12%, Pillsbury in third with 10%, Sara Lee Foodservice in fourth at 8% and Ne-mo’s Bakery in fifth with 5%. Honorable mentions went out to Cuisine De France, Otis Spunkmeyer and Prairie City.

Although Bon Appetit was new to the survey, the company also scored the highest marks for product quality, promotions and deals.

About the author: Bronte Silverstein
The page's author, Bronte Silverstein, was drawn to this topic because of her personal relationship with the bakery business. Back in her hometown Toronto, Bronte's family owns the oldest family run bakery in the city.

The chains that take part in the survey run 18,900 stores nationwide and register about $620 million dollars in fresh bakery sales per year.

Bon Appetit credits its success to the company’s strong direct store delivery distribution system and free product displays.

Bon Appetit calls Vernon home
The bakery's headquarters, where all manufacturing and distribution occurs, is located on District Blvd in Vernon.
Gourmet Danish Creme | Via Bon Appetit
vi Vienna Creme Danish | Via Bon Appetit
Cuernitos | Via Bon Appetit