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Silverstein's - Toronto's oldest family bakery

Silverstein's Bakery | Located in downtown Toronto, Silverstein's is the city's oldest family-run bakery.
Silverstein's Bakery Truck | Silverstein's trucks can be seen throughout Toronto at all hours of the day, delivering bread to restaurants, hotels and retail stores.

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Map of Silverstein's | The bakery is located in downtown Toronto, on McCaul St south of College St. and north of Dundas St.
Assortment of bread | Via Silverstein's
Old Truck | Via Silverstein's
Assortment of bread| Via Silverstein's

Silverstein's Bakery Video
Footage from inside the plant on McCaul St in Toronto
Bon Appetit calls Vernon home
The bakery's headquarters, where all manufacturing and distribution occurs, is located on District Blvd in Vernon.
Bon Appetit Products
Bon Appetit Bakery produces a variety of single-serve baked goods, ranging from muffins and donuts, to specialty Hispanic pasteries.
Voted "Top Fresh Bakery Supplier"
The Convenience Store Decisions Sales Tracking Study named Bon Appetit as the top fresh bakery supplier. The bakery beat out major players, Pillsbury and Sara Lee Foodservice, with 23% of the votes.

By Bronte Silverstein

Silverstein's Bakery is Toronto's oldest family bakery. The business began 94 years ago when Kalman Silverstein emigrated from Poland and brought his family's rye bread recipe to Canada.

The bakery only bakes bread products, rather than pastries and cakes, and it caters to restaurants, hotels, event planning companies and retail stores.

Both second and third generation Silverstein men currently run the business. Kalman's son, Sonny Silverstein, is the primary owner along with his three sons, Brian, Jeff and Mark.

The bread is made from fresh, never frozen dough, and is free of preservatives. Silverstein's takes pride in being known as the maker of "Toronto's best rye bread."

Bronte Silverstein, author of this page, was drawn to writing about Bon Appetit in Vernon because of her family history.


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tlBakery Truck | Via Silverstein's
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