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The bakery makes over 50 different pastries

Giant Chocolate Chip Cookie | Via Bon Appetit
Bon Appetit Headquarters | The headquarters is located in Vernon, CA.
Powdered Donuts | Via Bon Appetit

Soundslides of Bon Appetit's Products
Bon Appetit Bakery manufactures a wide variety of products. This selection includes more than 50 different types of muffins, danishes and cookies among many other types of baked goods. The company also features a selection of 12 gourmet Hispanic products.
Bon Appetit calls Vernon home
The bakery's headquarters, where all manufacturing and distribution occurs, is located on District Blvd in Vernon.
About the author: Bronte Silverstein
The page's author, Bronte Silverstein, was drawn to this topic because of her personal relationship with the bakery business. Back in her hometown Toronto, Bronte's family owns the oldest family run bakery in the city.
Voted "Top Fresh Bakery Supplier"
The Convenience Store Decisions Sales Tracking Study named Bon Appetit as the top fresh bakery supplier. The bakery beat out major players, Pillsbury and Sara Lee Foodservice, with 23% of the votes.

By Bronte Silverstein

At Bon Appetit's manufacturing headquarters in Vernon, more than 50 different types of products are baked and distributed.

Large Gourmet Danishes:

Jumbo Muffins: Super Sliced Cakes: Gourmet Square Cakes: Giant Cookies: Jumbo Honey Buns: Packaged Donuts: Gourmet Hispanic Pastries:

Blueberry Crème Danish | Via Bon Appetit
crumbCrumb Donuts | Via Bon Appetit
Empanada De Fresa| Via Bon Appetit